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Amy Chelsea Stacie Dee by Mary G. Thompson

Amy Chelsea Stacie Dee

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"Cousins Amy and Dee were kidnapped by a stranger as children. Now, 16-year-old Amy is back with her parents. Dressed in purple and clutching a plastic doll, she refuses to answer questions.

"As Amy struggles towards a normal teenage life, her family - and the police - press her for information. Unable to escape her past, Amy realizes she has to confront the truth. How did she survive? How did she escape? And what happened to Dee?"

Amy Chelsea Stacie Dee is quite some book. It was riveting to the point that I really couldn’t stop reading until I knew what had happened.

It hooks you in straight away with an explosive opening scene. I loved how the plot was like a puzzle and you gradually got the pieces.

This book is well-written and I really enjoyed it. I definitely would recommend it for older readers only, though, as it tackles some very dark and mature themes.