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A Sky Painted Gold by Laura Wood

A Sky Painted Gold

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"Growing up in her sleepy Cornish village dreaming of being a writer, 16-year-old Lou has always wondered about the grand Cardew house which has stood empty for years. And when the owners arrive for the summer - a handsome, dashing brother and sister - Lou is quite swept off her feet and into a world of moonlit cocktail parties and glamour beyond her wildest dreams. But, as she grows closer to the Cardews, is she abandoning her own ambitions - and is there something darker lurking at the heart of the Cardew family?"

Historical YA is something that I haven't read enough of and as I'm going through a phase of reading different styles, I was delighted when I was offered the chance to read A Sky Painted Gold. Not wanting to know too much about this gorgeous book in advance, I went into it with a clear mind and couldn't wait to discover what it was all about.

This book is such a magical read that drops you right into the glitz and glamour of 1920s and makes you reluctant to return to the present. It is dreamy, extravagant and so sophisticated. I loved the atmosphere the author maintains throughout the book. The descriptions of the setting, parties and characters are so eloquent, at times I felt like I was actually there, joining in the fun.

The story of a teenage middle class girl meeting people of the upper class and going to parties with them sounds boring right? Wrong! Yes, this was part of the plot of A Sky Painted Gold, but it was so entertaining. I don't know how she did it, but Laura Wood managed to create an amazing story out of that! It was so addictive and I didn't want to stop reading.

There is romance in A Sky Painted Gold but it’s a slow burner, which I love! You get too much insta-love in YA and it was refreshing to see romance develop over time. It felt realistic and the anticipation of 'will they won't they?' just added to my excitement.

A Sky Painted Gold is a stunning read that had me aching to go back in time to 1920s. The glamour and magic had me hooked and I cannot wait to read what Laura Wood writes next.