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Wed Wabbit

Wed Wabbit was shortlisted for the CILIP Carnegie Medal in 2018 and the Costa Children's Book Award in 2017.

About the author

Lissa Evans grew up in the West Midlands. She comes from a family of bookworms and spent most of her childhood trawling through her local library.

Lissa went on to study medicine at Newcastle University and worked as a junior doctor for four years. However, she then decided to switch over to radio and television (which was much less scary), during which time she won a BAFTA. Lissa has written five books for adults and three books for children, including Wed Wabbit. She now lives in London with her husband and two daughters – and still reads any books she can get her hands on!

You can hear Lissa talking about the book.

Get talking

  • Who is your favourite character in Wed Wabbit and why?
  • What is the effect of setting the story in a fantastical setting, where different rules apply? Do you find Wimbley Land believable? How well does the author bring it to life for you?
  • How is Wimbley Land different from the real world in which Fidge and Graham begin the story?
  • Can you think of a story world that would you like to be lost in? How about one that you would not like to visit?
  • What is the effect of having the Wimbley Woos speak in rhyme, and what does it add to the story?
  • Ella and Dr Carrot — and indeed Wed Wabbit —have quite distinctive ways of speaking, what does it tell you about their personalities?
  • What, if any, are the lessons you can draw from Wed Wabbit?
  • Did you find the book funny, and if so, what does comedy bring to the story?
  • The story is called Wed Wabbit, but who is the hero, and who is it about?
  • How do the relationships between the main characters shift during the story?
  • Do you like the ending of the book — is it better with or without the epilogue?
  • Would the book make a cool movie? A computer game or TV show?
  • Have you got toys at home that you can imagine coming to life? What would they be like?

More activities

  • Have a go at drawing the characters of Wed Wabbit or the various Wimbley Woos from their descriptions in the opening chapters.
  • Draw your own a map of Wimbley Land, see how much you can remember.
  • The dungeons contain Minnie’s greatest dislikes and worst fears. Using strips of paper, write out a list of things that would populate your dungeon and then arrange them to create a free verse poem.
  • Make some playdough at home and mould your own Wimbley Woos
  • Create your own puppet characters and send them on an adventure