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Spooky films: our Kanopy picks for Halloween

Well-dressed male holding a candle in his right hand and a woman's head in his left. A large victorian manor stands in the background. A skeleton is standing over it, holding a noose with a woman in a white dress hanging dead from it.

Have a spooky night in with our picks of scary films available on our Kanopy service.

House on Haunted Hill

A true classic of suspense, this spooky, campy tale tells the story of five strangers who are offered $10,000 each by an eccentric millionaire to spend the night in a haunted house. As the night develops, it becomes clear that these strangers' selection was no accident--and a few have some diabolical schemes of their own!

Requiem For A Vampire

Requiem for a Vampire was Jean Rollin's favorite of all his films. True to Rollin's roots in serials and the bizarre, the film opens with an action scene already in progress: two women in full clown makeup, firing guns at a retaliating car behind them, as a handsome associate mans the steering wheel. This being a Rollin film, we quickly dispense with the man and get on with the general absence of story and the vital accumulation of fetish. Eluding their pursuers, our two clowns continue their never-explained flight on foot, journeying to a cemetery, then a chateau inhabited by "the last of the vampires."

The Transfiguration

When troubled teen Milo, who has a fascination with vampire lore, meets the equally alienated Sophie, the two form a bond that begins to blur Milo's fantasy into reality

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