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Bus Stop Baby by Fleur Hitchcock

Bus Stop Baby

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Highbury Upton is a sleepy, rural town where nothing ever happens. That is until Amy hears a strange mewling noise coming from the bus shelter on her way home. She finds a tiny baby left all alone. As Amy delves into the past to find the baby’s mother, she stumbles on a secret hidden long ago that will change everything.

Bus Stop Baby is a touching story about friendship, family and abandonment. It is very truthful about the highs and lows of teenage friendship, with minor disagreements being worked up into major arguments. While most books look at school through a rose-tinted lens, this book does not, which is a nice change from your standard pre-teen fare.

Amy is a great narrator, flawed but lovable. She views the world with a black-and-white style of justice, with things either being morally right or wrong. Over the course of the book though, she learns to see things from the other person’s point of view and to appreciate that life isn’t always that clear-cut.

This book is perfect for fans of authors like Jacqueline Wilson or Cathy Cassidy as it deals with sensitive issues in a passionate but poignant way.

The ending for the book is sweet and hopeful, which perfectly wraps up this heart-warming story.