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[Review] Ten to Zen: Ten minutes a day to a calmer, happier you by Owen O'Kane

If you are looking for ways to manage stress more effectively, this eAudiobook is a great find!

It is easy to access for free via Borrowbox. It is written by Owen O’Kane, who is a Psychotherapist and former Registered Nurse. Littered with helpful stories and insights from his own experiences of working with people from all walks of life during a career spanning 25 years. The audiobook is described as a ‘mental workout’ to help you to work with and manage difficult and challenging emotions in a more helpful, positive way and to start living a calmer, happier and more authentic life.

Don’t let the title put you off as the audiobook has nothing to do with a Zen Buddhism or any religious tradition – he uses the word ‘zen’ to refer to a state of calmness, awareness and relaxation. The audiobook draws from evidence - based psychology, mindfulness and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) in any easy to understand, practical way and sets out to explore how our brain works in times of stress, how we can break the pattern of stress and learn to drop into a real sense of calmness and peace.

This review is by Helen Kerridge, a relief library assistant.