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A celebration of bees - National Honey Bee Day picks

B is for bee by Charlotte Milner, I Saw a Bee by Rob Ramsden, The Bumblebear by Nadia Shireen

Buzz buzz! Take a look at some of our brilliant bee-themed picks for kids:

B is for bee by Charlotte Milner

Take a first look at the amazing world of bees in this beautifully illustrated non-fiction picture book, a perfect first gift for babies and toddlers.

Bee : nature's tiny miracle : a peek-through book by Patricia Hegarty, Britta Teckentrup

Follow Bee's journey from flower to flower in this peep-through picture book. Brought to life by Britta Teckentrup's beautiful artwork, the miracle of pollination will amaze and entertain.

I saw a bee by Rob Ramsden

A little boy is alarmed when he discovers a bee in a box. At first he is frightened and reacts aggressively, but gradually he realises that the bee won't harm him and that they can be friends. 'I Saw A Bee' is deceptively simple with the repeatability factor, and the short and rhythmic text is perfect to learn by heart and recite as a poem. It is a timely reminder of the importance of bees in our ecosystem.

Ant and Bee and the rainbow by Angela Banner

Learning to read with Ant and Bee is back in new editions for 2020

A classic Ant and Bee book to treasure, that is perfect for children aged 3 and up. Designed for shared reading fun, this much-loved series will build reading confidence. Join the lively duo as they create their very own rainbow in this basic introduction to the concept of colour. Ant and Bee discover all the colours in the rainbow and more. The adorably small format is perfect for little hands. Ant and Bee teach children to read via word recognition and encourage story sharing with siblings and parents.

The Bumblebear by Nadia Shireen

There's a new bee at Bee School. But that bee is not a bee. It's a BEAR! Cheeky, sneaky Norman has a cunning plot to trick the bees and steal their honey. In his best bee onesie, Norman makes quite a convincing bee, but how long will his disguise last? And when the hive is endangered can he finally discover his true destiny and become a Bumblebear?

Bee by Harriet Evans, Bryony Clarkson

Buzzy bee zooms and buzzy bee flies. Buzzy bee looks and buzzy bee spies. Join buzzy bee as she flies through the flowers and home to the hive! Full of facts, flaps and fantastic illustrations, little learners with love this rhyming introduction to the natural world.

The Bee Book by Charlotte Milner

Bees are incredibly industrious, brilliant at building, super social, and - most importantly - along with other insects, they are responsible for a third of every mouthful of food you eat! 'The Bee Book' is perfect to teach children age 5 and up all about our fuzzy little friends, how much they matter, why they are declining, and what we can do to help.

A beehive by Anna Milbourne, Stephanie Fizer Coleman

Part of the Usborne See Inside series

Help instill a love of bees in little children with this little flap book that explores their world. Peep inside flowers, beehives, and under busy bees, to see what they do all day, how honey is made, how baby bees are born, and how a queen bee leads the way to build a new home.