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The Suffolk Libraries podcast

The Suffolk Libraries podcast is a weekly interview with a Suffolk-based author or artist. Subscribe on YouTube.

Latest episode: An interview with artist and film maker Jason Kofi-Haye

In 2007, inspired after a peak experience at 5am, Jason Kofi-Haye created a series of interdisciplinary artworks under the guise of Project 5am. Projects include the electronic album ‘Quixotes of Moons Fight The Windmills of Brixton’ and the experimental short film ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’, which was one of the films chosen for the Danish film auteur Lars Von Trier community project ‘Gesamt’ at the 2012 Copenhagen Art Festival.

Kofi-Haye’s current project ‘Surf/ace’ explores the afro psychonaut's process of self which includes the EP and videoart piece "We Be In No Thing" which exhibited at the National Poetry Library.