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The Suffolk Libraries podcast: Free Speech

The Suffolk Libraries podcast is a monthly artist interview or peek behind the library scenes. Latest episodes can be found here and you can access the full playlist on our YouTube channel.

Listen to the Suffolk Libraries Podcast YouTube playlist.

Our Suffolk Libraries podcast is released on a monthly basis and consists of three strands:

  • Library Life - a look into Suffolk Libraries day-to-day activities or tied to wider awareness campaigns about what our library service can offer.
  • Youth Takeover - a series of interviews with young people offering perspectives about life, love, health and more.
  • Artist spotlight - Interviews with artists about their work, how they've developed their career and the central themes of their art.

Youth Takeover - Taylor

Our latest youth takeover explores the life of Taylor living with a condition called Hereditary Spherocytosis which affects red blood cells. The condition is normally hereditary but can also be caused by an abnormal genetic mutation, as in Taylor's case.

Taylor talks about what this condition means for her life as well as how it has affected her life during the pandemic. Taylor's words are narrated by library staff member Ellie Hart.

Artist Spotlight - Loula Yorke

Our latest artist spotlight is live artist and composer Loula Yorke and her "noisy artworks" where her electronic music practice seeks to conjure moments of revolt as well as reveal hidden systems of control.  

Loula also runs participatory synth-building and performance workshops called 'Atari Punk Girls'. She has been funded by Arts Council England to develop the concept into a staged show in 2021.  

During 2019 Loula put out her debut release ‘ysmysmysm’ on Detroit label, Junted. Her latest EP Crowd Control Vol 2 was released in late 2020 on Tigerforce Records. 

The work was featured in the Best Electronic Music on Bandcamp and described by reviewer Joe Mugford as being “full of smart, provocative political conscience.”  

Library Life - Jumpstart January

These are special podcast editions dedicated to our month long wellbeing campaign, Jumpstart January.

In our first part, our guest Julie Chapman explores the wonders and benefits of wild swimming - the practice of swimming in natural waters, typically rivers, lakes and the sea.

In our second podcast, our guest Sally Garwood shares her passion for kickboxing and our third and fourth podcasts cover the invigorating art of nordic walking and the competitive team-sport of roller derby.