New young adult books for July

Looking for something new to read? Take a look at our new books for teens and young adults! All of these books and more are available to borrow for free with your library card.

Young Gothic

You've heard of Frankenstein's monster, you've heard of Dracula, but have you heard of the Villa Diodati? Eve, Griffin, Hal and Ren embark on a summer they'll never forget at the birthplace of all things Gothic. The summer is beset by mysterious happenings, as the monsters they create begin to clamber out of their minds. Events rise to a horrible climax when, on a dark and stormy night, one of the villa's guests is found dead and each of our foursome becomes a suspect in a gruesome murder. It was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime. But when the stuff of nightmares becomes their reality, will they make it out alive?

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Annie LeBlanc is Not Dead Yet

Every ten years in Wil's home town of Lennon, California, one person is brought back to life for thirty days. Wil brings back her ex-best friend Annie LeBlanc. Discovering a loophole that means Annie can stay alive, Wil might have to face some difficult truths about their past friendship to make things work in just one summer.

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Murder on a Summer Break

School outcasts-turned-detective duo, Kerry and Annie, are back - and after solving last summer's menstrual murders, they're now known as The Tampon Two. (Kerry is uncomfortable with this level of attention, Annie is refreshing her follower count every two seconds.) When they attend the Festival of Fame, it's the chance to meet their favourite feminist influencer IRL - along with a host of social media stars, including a tiresome prankster Timmy, super-glam beauty vlogger Celeste and Mystic Millie, who makes very vague predictions. But then one of the influencers ends up dead. The festival goes into lockdown, Annie is delighted that she and Kerry are trapped in a yurt with celebrities - Kerry is more concerned that there's a killer among them. Will the Tampon Two find out who it is before they strike again?

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Our Wicked Histories

At the illustrious Greyscott Academy, reputation is everything. For Meg, the daughter of the school's janitor, the rules are simple: keep your head down, don't step on any rich kids' toes and stay invisible until graduation. That is, until the glamorous Wren twins - the beautiful, troubled Lottie and the magnetic Sebastien - decide to take Meg under their gilded wings. But not all that glitters is gold. After a disastrous incident at Greyscott's famous Midsummer Ball, Meg finds herself on the outs. Desperate to make amends, Meg gratefully accepts an invite to the twins' Halloween party at Wren Hall, a windswept manor complete with a ruined, towering folly. But nothing goes to plan. And when one of the party-goers disappears and a violent storm traps the group inside the house, she realises there's more to the Wren twins than meets the eye.

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I Will Never Leave You

18-year-old Maya has always known the rules for banishing ghosts - but she never imagined she'd be banishing the ghost of her ex-girlfriend, Alana. After years of emotional abuse, Maya finally finds the courage to break up with Alana, stranding her on the remote trail where they'd been hiking. Seeking space, Maya flees her Los Angeles hometown for her older sister's lake house. The sleepy small town of Lake Ember feels like the perfect place to heal; at least, until Alana turns up dead right on her doorstep. Alana's ghost appears, desperate to come back to life, and blackmails Maya: if Maya doesn't help her possess a girl in town, Alana will frame Maya for her murder. Even more complicated, Maya finds herself falling for Alana's possession target; Rowan, the girl whose life she has endangered.

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