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Suffolk Writes – an exciting new opportunity to get your work published through Suffolk Libraries

Self publishing became a phenomenon with the surprise popularity of 50 Shades of Grey. It’s the book we have all heard so much about, but it is not the only self published book to be a hit. Authors are increasingly reaping the benefits of being in control of their own work and making it available directly to their readers with little to no cost.

Alison Bruce

Popular local crime author Alison Bruce has contributed unpublished short stories to Suffolk Writes

For many self publishing is part of the process of becoming a published author and eventually being taken on by a traditional publisher. Suffolk Libraries can now be a part of this and offer a service that will benefit both aspiring authors and readers in Suffolk.

Have you written a novel, short story or poetry that you would like to launch into the world? If you have then why not work with us to make it happen with Suffolk Writes.

Your finished piece of work will be uploaded to our ebook site and available for library customers to borrow. Your ebook will appear alongside our other ebooks on the Overdrive catalogue, the only difference being that your name will appear as both author and publisher, making it truly self-published.

Local published author Alison Bruce has already contributed some of her short stories and is a supporter of the project:

Suffolk Writes is an exciting project which will make new work available whilst giving local writers the opportunity to share their work. I have links to both Lakenheath and Newmarket Libraries and have made author visits to several of the others so I know how Suffolk Libraries are always looking for innovative ways to support their readers and attract new customers too. By embracing eBook technology Suffolk Writes has the opportunity to appeal to readers who perceived libraries as a place for only traditionally published books whilst encouraging existing customers to try out a new format, Personally, I read books on paper and on screen, and I am looking forward to reading the new work that the county’s writers have to offer and I am delighted to be able to contribute some of my short stories to the Suffolk Writes project.

There’s also an opportunity to get involved even if you are not a writer yourself. We would like to recruit a team of volunteers to help us read through submitted work and help us make a decision on whether it can be added to library stock.

If you would like to get involved in this project either as an author or volunteer please visit the Suffolk Writes page or email for more information.