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Suffolk Libraries to mark Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

Suffolk Libraries is supporting Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 (13 - 19 May) and celebrating all of the mental health services, groups and resources it offers.

This year's theme is body image and self-esteem. Many factors can affect how people view themselves and their bodies, from social media and relationships to physical disabilities and long-term conditions or illnesses. Our libraries offer all sorts of groups and resources that can help, including accessible exercise classes, walking groups, wellbeing drop-ins and activities for young people.

Our mental health and wellbeing information service, New Chapters, also provides information and signposting as well as weekly Open Space sessions across the county. We work closely with many other mental health and wellbeing organisations, bringing expert support into the community.

Visit your local library's webpage to see their regular health and wellbeing events, or find your nearest Open Space group. Our brand new Children and Young People's Open Space group at Chantry Library will be discussing body image at their session on Thursday 16 May, Eye Library will be offering free tea and coffee, as well as a quiet space, to customers throughout the week, and Thurston Library have put together a special wellbeing book display.

Some of our libraries have also planned one-off health and wellbeing events ahead of and during the week.

We have also published some new mental health recommendation lists on our website:

Useful links - body image and self-esteem

Useful links - general mental health support