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Jumpstart your January with Suffolk Libraries

Suffolk Libraries have announced their first ever month dedicated to wellbeing.

'Jumpstart January' will take place in January 2020. It will focus on how the library service improves the wellbeing of the community, offering free wellbeing drop-ins, health check-ups and recreational activities across its branches.

Leon Paternoster, Suffolk Libraries' Head of Digital & Marketing, said: "Libraries provide a welcoming space where you can meet other people around your interests, as well as find specific help and advice. We also provide a brilliant book recommendation service to help you find a great read, either in print or a download.

"All these things help make life better for the people of Suffolk, and Jumpstart January will showcase how you can use your library to get your new year off to a great start."

Recently, an independent report by accountancy firm Moore Kingston-Smith showed that Suffolk Libraries' events have a significant impact on the wellbeing of their communities, saving Suffolk's residents and organisations such as the NHS hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.

The report analysed sessions for 0-5s, older people and weekly drop-in sessions for people interested in mental wellbeing. It found the sessions reduced anxiety, improved wellbeing and offered attendees an opportunity to socialise.

The report states:

"Social isolation could be considered a unifying theme across all three of these projects – this aspect also being experienced by some of the mothers with young children in the mother and baby sessions.

"Loneliness and social isolation are major issues in many areas in the UK and are of particular concern in Suffolk amongst high risk groups such as older people and people living with mental health problems and disabilities. Suffolk Libraries is committed to its communities and the primary driver for running these three interventions is to respond to these issues."

More information on Jumpstart January will be revealed in due course.