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Changes to overdue charges for books

Suffolk Libraries will be changing charges for overdue books as of 1 April 2019 as follows:

  • Overdue charges for children's books are being removed (previously 1p per day)
  • Overdue charges for adult books are rising to 15p per day (previously 13 per day).

The charges for overdue children’s books are being removed to encourage more families to use our services. We believe it’s vital to encourage library use and reading amongst children to improve literacy skills. The charges were already only 1p a day and most other library services have already removed children’s charges.

There has also been a small increase in adult charges but these are still below many other library services' charges. We do not charge for reservations, unlike many other library services.

The changes will be applied automatically for all book loans as of Monday 1 April. For full details of our charges, visit our Help section.