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CCTV and Body-Worn Camera privacy notice

What information does Suffolk Libraries collect?

We collect static or moving images and audio data using Closed Circut Television (CCTV) and Body Worn Cameras (BWC).

How does Suffolk Libraries collect it?

When you enter one of our libraries or library grounds, CCTV systems and body worn cameras in some of our libraries are used to record information.

Why does Suffolk Libraries need this data?

CCTV and body worn camera recordings are used for public and staff safety, the prevention and prosecution of crime and maintaining security of property and goods within.

What happens to the data?

Video images and sound recordings on body worn cameras are recorded in real time and are stored securely on a SD card (Body Worn Camera) or on a closed system which is not connected to the internet and is not publicly available.

Video images from CCTV systems are stored securely on a closed system which is not connected to the internet and is not publicly available.

Who will we share the data with?

Information will be shared with:

  • Police and emergency services, but only in relation to prevention and detection of crime
  • Our insurance company but only with strict controls in place and while complying with the data protection act

Legal basis for collecting information

  • For the interest of public safety
  • Legitimate interests - protection of premises and goods within
  • In some circumstances, vital interests - the process is necessary to protect someone's life

How long will we keep the information for?

CCTV footage and body worn camera footage will be kept for up to 30 days then deleted.

If footage is requested or is part of an ongoing investigation it will be kept until the investigation is completed and will then be deleted.

Will the information be used to make automated decisions?

No, Suffolk Libraries will not use the information held on our CCTV systems or BWC systems to make automated decisions.