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Friends of Thurston Library

The purpose of the Friends of Thurston Library is the maintenance of our public library and the continued improvement of this service to our community.

Our aims

  • Promote Thurston Library as a vital part of the local community
  • Raise funds that will increase the provision of library services
  • Support the library staff in delivering a highly effective service
  • Provide more opportunities for the community to engage with the library
  • Contribute to the development of library services in Suffolk

Who we are

  • Chairman: Richard Fawcett
  • Vice Chairman: Chris Dashper
  • Peter Robinson
  • Secretary: Anne O’Connell

Contact us

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  • Anne O’Connel: anne ocon 369@gmail .com
  • Richard Fawcett: richar d4ce tt@gmail. com

Other committee members

  • Library manager: Cathy McDonald
  • Community libraries manager: Jack Norman
  • Librarian: Denise Jenner
  • The leader of Mid-Suffolk Council councillor Derrick Haley
  • County councillor Penny Otton

The rest of the group is made up of volunteers from the community.

The story so far

We were set up in 2012, with the support of Thurston Parish Council.

Richard Fawcett, as a parish councillor, was fundamental in setting up the group. The library is on the site of Thurston Community College and has been a shared space with the 6th Form.

Now that the local schools have become 2-tier, the 6th Form is moving to Beyton Middle School. The library will continue as a community library only, giving us much more space to increase the range of services.

We’ve successfully promoted the library and raised funds. Our most recent success has been the introduction of eReaders, which we believe is a first in the country!

We’re committed to the long-term life of the library as a very relevant part of our community.

We contribute to the village newsletter every month to raise awareness of the library and encourage participation in fund-raising events. They include:

  • a talk by a local historian
  • iPad Air raffle
  • an Italian meal (organised in partnership with the local church)
  • guided tour of the Houses of Parliament by our local MP
  • 2nd Hand book sale,
  • cheese and Wine following the AGM
  • London trip with drop-offs at Kensington and Oxford Street

Future plans

  • The redesign of the library, following the 6th Form move to Beyton
  • Improving opening hours, so that the library is open 6 days a week
  • Promoting the use of eReaders
  • Engaging with community groups to increase membership of the library
  • Working in partnership with Thurston Community College to promote the library service to students and parents
  • Increasing the range of services in the library, e.g. providing a drinks machine and photo-copying service
  • Expanding services for children, e.g. poetry and illustration competitions.
  • Similar fundraising events, including an Autumn Fair