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Volunteering with Suffolk Libraries

Summer Reading Challenge

Volunteer for the Summer Reading Challenge and help develop your confidence, social skills, self-esteem and literacy skills.

Every year, we help run the Summer Reading Challenge, the country's largest literacy campaign.

The deadline for this year's Summer Reading Challenge volunteer applications has now passed. Thank you to everyone who applied to help us run the challenge. For any questions about volunteering, speak to your local library manager.

What is the Summer Reading Challenge?

The Summer Reading Challenge is an annual promotion organised by The Reading Agency that takes place across the UK where children are challenged to read six books over the Summer. These titles can be for any genre or age group and eBooks, audiobooks and even comics are included.

When the challenge ends in September, children will receive rewards and a certificate for completing the challenge.

Volunteering for the Summer Reading Challenge

Volunteering is a vital part of the campaign as volunteers are needed to help sign up children in libraries, explain how the reading challenge works, spend time talking to them about the books they have read and handing out rewards and incentives at the end of the challenge.

We are ideally looking for a commitment of 2-8 hours per week for a minimum of 6 weeks over the summer holidays. You can volunteer at any of our libraries across the county.

Summer Reading Challenge volunteer role description (PDF)

Benefits of volunteering

There are particular benefits for young people who volunteer to help with the Summer Reading Challenge:

  • Valuable work experience and a reference for employment

  • The opportunity to develop confidence, social skills, self-esteem and literacy skills

  • Credit towards schemes such as The Duke of Edinburgh Award and Art’s award

Speak to your local library manager for more information.