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Gender Pay Gap (GPG) at Suffolk Libraries IPS Ltd

As an employer with over 250 staff, Suffolk Libraries is required by law to carry out Gender Pay reporting under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) regulations 2017.

On 5th April 2017 Suffolk Libraries employed 401 permanent staff; 341 females and 60 males. The gender pay gap between men and women on 5th April 2017 was 11.2% and our full Gender Pay Gap reporting is shown below. Although 11.2% is below the county average, the following factors should be taken into account:

  • Female workers represent 85% of the whole workforce

  • 22% of females opposed to 33% of males were paid above £10 per hour which is a positive effect considering this represents a higher number of female employees

  • The majority of staff who are paid the minimum rate of £8.01 per hour are female and this brings down the mean average. This effect does not happen with males due to the lower staff numbers

  • The median average which shows the middle rate male and female staff is 4.3%, which shows that they are more equal and supports the statement above

  • If we analyse the top 30 male and female pay rates, the gender pay gap reflects in favour of females at -16.5% which supports the fact that support staff are predominantly female on higher rates due to the nature of the roles, with few males being employed on those support roles.

Our leadership team is fully committed to increasing our diversity as an employer and ensuring that our employment offers appeal to a broad range of users as possible using a fair pay system and our policies are always being reviewed to ensure flexibility and support smarter working.

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